Sick Elderly Woman Forced To Surrender Her Dog After Medical Bills Sent Her Into Debt. After Weeks Of Heartbreak, A Miracle Happens

February 07, 2018

When one elderly woman suffered a traumatic and life-threatening stroke, everything changed.

While she was grateful to be alive, the stroke left her deaf and in great financial debt. The woman was forced to sell her home and many of her belongings. She moved into a low-income apartment where she was given the most heartbreaking news of all.

The new apartment that she was living in had forced her to surrender her best friend - her dog, Oreo.

The woman was absolutely heartbroken. While she already had broken English and very little understanding between her family, losing her dog was felt like the most devastating loss. After trying her hardest to convince her new and very stubborn landlord that she couldn’t live without Oreo, she lost the battle and had to give up her sweet companion anyway.

Oreo was just as heartbroken. For the entire three weeks that he was in the animal shelter, he couldn’t stop crying. He would also shake uncontrollably. Poor Oreo was so sad that he never really bonded with any of the animal staff. He was so discouraged.

After her pet being surrendered to the animal shelter, the woman’s health significantly declined. She wasn’t sleeping well, her blood pressure was skyrocketing, and she was losing weight. Clearly, her body was responding to the loss of her furry companion. 

When her sister realized just how terribly she was taking the loss of Oreo, she decided that she wouldn’t sit back and watch her baby sister suffer anymore.

That’s when she took matters into her own hands.

The woman’s sister went to the shelter and she adopted the dog herself! In fact, she’s currently working with her sister’s doctor in hopes of getting a doctor’s note that will okay her dog in her new apartment. Watch their sweet reunion, below!

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