Five Frightened Puppies Encounter Something New For The Very First Time. After Mustering Up A Bit Of Courage, Their Demeanors Quickly Change

September 18, 2017

Sometimes we take the littlest things in life for granted, such as a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and a warm place to lay our heads at night. The list goes on and on. In spite of all the wonderful things we get to experience on a daily basis, we often forget to be thankful for the small things. If we made note of how fortunate we truly are, we would bow our heads in gratitude more often.

This video shows an example of one of those small things: the chance to walk on fresh green grass. To many of us, this event might be considered inconsequential. For the five puppies in our story, however, it’s a big deal. The story begins when Second Chances Rescue saves a pregnant dog from a nearby shelter. Very soon after, she gives birth to five adorable Maltese mix puppies who are healthy, full of energy, and ready to live life to the fullest. 

These puppies are new to this world and every day is a fresh opportunity to experience brand new things; in this case, it’s frolicking on beautiful green grass. At first, the five frisky fur balls seem a bit frightened by this new encounter. In just a few seconds, however, their demeanors change and  they begin running around, truly enjoying this new adventure. Watching them run free, at the end of the video, will definitely warm your heart. I hope it encourages you to open your eyes to all the lovely blessings that are part of your own life!

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