Dad Finds Confused Dog Wandering In The Hall. When He Sees What Is On The Pup's Head He Bursts Out Laughing

September 18, 2017

Being a dog owner comes with its fair share of surprises. Nothing is quite as entertaining as our furry, four-legged friends. Most dogs have a tendency to cause a bit more trouble than they’re worth but, more often than not, the trouble they find themselves in is enough to make us laugh out loud. This is most definitely the case with Olive, the adorable pup in this story.

Olive is known for causing mischief around the house. When the dog's dad doesn't see him for an hour or so each day, he assumes that the dog is keeping himself entertained. One day, Olive's dad hears the dog bumbling around in the back hallway. When he goes to investigate, he is greeted by a rather amusing sight.

Olive's dad finds the dog wandering the hallway, bumping into walls left and right, because the little pup has his head stuck in a tissue box! We may never know how the confused canine got his head into the box in the first place, but the sight of the tiny dog with an even smaller box on his head is enough to make anyone giggle. Needless to say, Olive's dad has a good chuckle before helping the dog out of his predicament. Maybe keep a closer eye on the adorable troublemaker next time! Watch the video, below, to see the hilarious encounter.

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