Forsaken Chihuahua Was Barely Surviving And Terrified Of Human Contact When One Woman Made it Her Mission To Change The Abused Dog’s Perception Of People

February 12, 2018

As an animal lover, there’s nothing I love more than seeing animals feel safe and cared for. However, in the world we live in, not all animals experience that right. Many times, animals are mistreated, neglected, and abandoned. Sometimes, the odds of all animals finding love and care can feel discouraging. But when you hear stories like this one, you feel hope!

When word got around that there was a severely underweight Chihuahua living behind some old dumpsters, rescuers knew that they had to act fast.

When they first arrived on the scene, the Chihuahua was tucked deep into the corner of the leaves and a fence. Rescuers attempted to give her some food in hopes that it would help them gain her trust. Luckily she ate the little bits of hamburger that she was offered.

Hoping that they had established trust, the woman reached to pet the small dog. That’s when the dog struck at the woman. Clearly, the dog was still not sure of the woman.

After a couple more minutes, the rescuers were able to get a leash on the dog. After minutes of shaking, the sweet girl finally managed to relax a little in the car. Together, the rescuer and the dog went to the animal shelter. The dog was cleaned and given food and care.

In the video below, you can see the fear visibly fall off of the poor dog. Moment after moment with her rescuers, she begins to trust her rescuers more.

Within days of being shown love and affection, she is a new dog. She is full of love and joy and can’t seem to play enough with other dogs.

Truly, this little dog experienced a love that transformed her! She felt shameful, embarrassed, and terrified to trust humans. Now, she is a different dog! Thank you, rescuers!

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