Giant Teddy Bear Kept Vanishing During Doggie Nap Time, When Mom Saw Why She Couldn't Stop Laughing

August 07, 2017

If you are anything like me, you have probably noticed that pets, especially dogs, have an uncanny ability to surprise us every single day. One thing that is not a surprise, however, is the fact that dogs enjoy napping, a lot. Growing up, you probably had a favorite toy or blanket to go to sleep with. Well, the dog in this story refused to take his nap without a very special friend to keep him company.

One day, a certain dog owner noticed a strange phenomenon around her house. A gigantic furry teddy bear had gone missing for several days, only to reappear a short while later. The mom was confused and decided to figure out where the teddy bear kept going. It obviously didn't just get up and walk away so she had to know exactly what was going on. As she entered one room she saw a rather strange sight. The teddy bear was standing outside her dog's kennel. Then things got hysterical at a rapid rate.

As the mom watched, something tried pulling the bear into the kennel. After getting stuck, the woman's dog emerged from behind the bear to readjust the bear. After he readjusted, the dog pulled the entire bear into the kennel. The bear took up nearly all of the space inside but that didn't bother the dog at all. The woman finally knew where the mysterious disappearing bear had gone. Apparently, dogs need a snuggle toy to sleep too! Watch the video below see the hilarious recording.

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