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When Dad Confronts The Dogs About The Huge Mess In The Floor, The Dogs Begin Having A HILARIOUS Argument With Each Other! [VIDEO]

April 13, 2017

Dogs have a seriously hard time of hiding their emotions. When they're happy, it's almost as if they have a large, toothy grin shining on their face and their eyes are wide and glimmering.

When they've done something wrong, it's also pretty obvious.

They wear their emotions on their sleeves, or should I say "fur", and it's extremely easy to tell when they've been up to no good.

Two huskies, Dakota and Phoenix, have gotten themselves in quite a pickle.

Someone has made a huge mess of shredded paper all down the hallway. When dad comes home to see the disastrous scene, he casually confronts the two suspects.

Their response? Greater than you could ever imagine!

Watch the video below to try and plead their case to dad. This is too hilarious for words!

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