After You’ve Had One Taste Of These Bite-Sized Pies, You’ll Be Rushing To The Store To Buy Some Ice Cube Trays

February 07, 2018

Ice cube trays are seemingly a thing of the past in most households. They’re a dime a dozen at the store and are virtually useless thanks to the ice makers in our freezers. Many have tossed theirs for their lack of usage.

If you’ve yet to toss yours in the trash, hold on to them! As it turns out, the brilliant minds on the internet have come up with another spectacular way to repurpose them.

Yes, you’ll still need them in the kitchen and, yes, you’re going to want to buy more because now they’re being used to make bite-sized pies. They make the perfect little portion of confectionary goodness for any party or gathering. They’re so good and so convenient that you’ll want to keep a stash around to snack on when your sweet tooth comes calling.

In the video, below, you’ll see one type of pie you can make with your ice cube tray. Feel free to mix it up in the kitchen and give it your own personal spin.

Make each little cube a different flavor combination. You can even make savory pies, such as little pizza bites. The options are virtually endless! Check out the video to see just how to put your old trays to good use once again.

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