Illegal Puppy Mill Breeds Tragically Tiny Bulldog That Nearly Dies From Deformities

November 03, 2017

One of my favorite things are baby animals, especially little baby puppies. I love them so much I could cry! Their little baby paws and their precious little walks are just too much for me to handle. I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than a little puppy.

While the puppy stage doesn’t last forever, there are people who try to breed dogs to stay forever-tiny. While this is never done to intentionally hurt a dog, it can be a huge risk to their health.

One puppy mill recently tried to breed an extra-mini Bulldog. Bulldogs, by nature, can range in size from 12 to 50 pounds. For a full-sized Bulldog to be any smaller than that could be risky to the animal’s health. This illegal breeder took things entirely too far when the runt of the litter weighed less than two pounds. After a couple of weeks, the breeder noticed that the littlest guy was falling behind his siblings and getting very sick. The puppy was taken to an animal shelter where he could get the care he needed and have a long and happy life.

Volunteers at the shelter were very discouraged about the small pup's health; her brain was far too large and her body was shockingly tiny. The puppy was given love and attention at the shelter. One volunteer, however, had a special place in heart for Bulldogs and was able to bring the puppy home. As she grew to be a healthy and feisty little pup, she was rightfully named “Hopelily.”

Hopelily was given lots of love from both her owner and her brother and sister Bulldogs. The vets say she will grow to be healthy and live a long life full of happiness and spunk. Hopelily’s inspiring story was featured on the Road Dogs & Rescue Foundation page in an effort to increase awareness about Bulldogs. Hopelily is one of the newest Bulldogs featured in the foundation, and her story is bringing hope to people everywhere.

While the start of her story wasn’t ideal, Hopelily has surprised the world with her strength and grit! She is one dog that’s overcoming obstacles and increasing cuteness, one day at a time! Hopelily, you are a beautiful and strong little fighter! I can’t wait to see how you take on this world with your spunky little love for life!

While we are saddened by the selfish act of illegal breeding, we are so grateful that someone as special as Hopelily came to in our lives! She is truly a miracle dog!

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