Man Rescues Two Children From Burning Car As Stunned Mothers Fail To Act

February 14, 2018

On the streets of Monterey, California, a highway patrol officer is following a car when he notices smoke billowing out of the hood. He signals for the car to pull over and he jumps into action.

When he reaches the vehicle, he notices that one of the adults has already escaped, but there are still three more people inside, two of which are tiny children! Yet no one is doing anything to assist the children, so it is up to our hero to take over.

He’s a little rough with the mothers as they make no effort to save their children. Incredulous as it may seem to the moms in the audience, that any mother wouldn’t have moved heaven and earth to make sure her babies were safe.

It could be from shock or for some other reason, but regardless, it is lucky for them that the man steps in. Who knows? The car might have burst into flames in a matter of moments, making it too late to do anything. The babies might have been trapped in the car if the fire had gotten worse.

When the video opens, we see a man dressed in hazard gear, removing a tiny child from the left rear car seat. As he hurries away from the smoking vehicle, we hear him admonishing one of the mothers to “Take your kid! What are you doing? Come on!!” Unbelievably, she is already outside of the vehicle and doesn’t seem to have made any effort to remove the small children from the burning car.

He then moves to the other side of the car and, after a short struggle with the child in the backseat, he is able to free the second child from the smoldering vehicle. We hear him yelling to another occupant.

Unbelievably, one of the adults has been sitting in the front seat the whole time. Again, the hero has to be stern with the woman, forcing her to get out of the car. At last, all four occupants are free from the billowing smoke that has engulfed the car.

Once the fire department arrives, they are able to extinguish the fire, and the rescuer takes the opportunity to scold the mothers about the danger they just have exposed their children to. All four occupants are treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and are sent home to recover.

While we are so glad that everything turned out well, we are at a loss to explain why the mothers acted the way they did. For some reason, the two women seemed fearful of leaving the confines of their vehicle. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what they could have been thinking. Although, none of us really knows how we will react in such a situation until it happens to us, so no judgment here!

What are your thoughts about the situation? Does anyone have an explanation for why the moms behaved as they did? We’d love to hear your ideas!

To see the entire rescue from start to finish, watch the video, below.

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