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On Trip To Edinburgh, Prince Harry Was Met By A Resident That Was Less Than Thrilled To Be In His Presence

February 14, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently visited the beautiful town of Edinburgh, Scotland. There, multitudes of eager onlookers awaited their arrival. It’s not often one gets the opportunity to be in the presence of royalty, so many took advantage of this monumental moment.

As the two walked through the street, the crowds cheered wildly in admiration. Prince Harry and Meghan smiled and waved confidently. They neared a tartan-clad officer holding the reins of a fluffy-haired Shetland Pony.

Naturally, the Prince and his lady walked their direction. As Prince Harry knelt lower to pet the pony, the unexpected occurred. Instead of graciously allowing His Royal Highness to stroke his nose, the pony threw his head back in an attempt to snap at him!

Thankfully, Prince Harry had a wonderful light-hearted response to the unexpected ordeal and played it off swimmingly. It’s the unintentional scenarios that truly showcase the character of humans and, in this case, Prince Harry succceeded with flying colors. Check out the adorable footage, below.

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