Loki Is A Traveling Wolf With 1.6 Million Followers. When You See His Adventures, You'll Start Planning Your Next Trip


There’s nothing quite like just taking the time to sit and relax while in nature. Hearing the sounds of birds chirping and watching leaves dancing in the wind, you settle in and take a deep breath. Feeling the warm sun beat down on you is one of the greatest joys in life. Even in the depths of winter, when the world is covered in snow and ice, there’s beauty to be seen around every corner. Sadly, in today’s world, many of us are stuck working in our offices all day and don’t often get to enjoy these moments.

One man, named Kelly, is lucky enough to be able to live these amazing moments on a recurring basis, all thanks to his wolf dog, Loki. The two of them spend much of their time out in nature, sharing a hammock at night, hiking by gorgeous lakes, and curling up in the snow by a roaring fire.

Loki is a wolfdog. More precisely, he is a mix of husky, malamute, and arctic wolf. This large boy is as majestic as they come, with a thick white coat, accented with splotches of gray and black. This regal animal’s looks favor his wolf ancestry, with his large frame and intelligent face. 

Kelly is Loki’s owner, and the two of them travel all around the United States, camping and seeing as much as they can see. Though their home base is Colorado, they’ve had the opportunity to travel and see a good portion of the United States. Recently, they were able to spend time in Alaska, even. They love to camp together, sleeping in hammocks, and just living life as it should be lived. Now, you can follow along with their adventures on Loki’s own Instagram account.

Kelly was working with the City of Denver as an outdoor recreation coordinator when he started adventuring with Loki. Within a year of starting his account, Loki had 50,000 followers and even had a dog food company sponsoring him! As Loki’s fame grew, they began to receive offers for commercials and other work. It soon became difficult for Kelly to continue working his regular job plus handle Loki’s fame. He made the decision to quit his day job and become Loki’s full-time social media manager. 

Loki and Kelly have been on many wondrous trips, full of adventure and joy. Loki’s Instagram is packed with the most gorgeous photos of a dog I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s sure to ignite some wanderlust in you! 

Since the start of their Instagram, Kelly and Loki have been joined by Kelly’s girlfriend, Ally, and her wolf dog, Bailey. Loki doesn’t seem to mind sharing his Instagram account with Bailey, and the two are the best of friends! Now the four take the time to travel together.

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