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Circus Lion Is Abused And Neglected For 20 Years. When He Is Finally Rescued, The Look On His Face Brings Millions To Tears

September 06, 2017

Mufasa, a mountain lion, spends most of his time chained up in the back of a small pickup truck, outside the circus where he is forced to perform. For 20 years, Mufasa has been performing new tricks every night for the entertainment of circus goers, only to be taken outside and chained up again after each show. The lion’s luck begins to change, however, when Animal Defenders International hears about Mufasa and springs into action to rescue him. After months of trying, rescuers track down the circus that is holding Mufasa and shuts them down completely.

Mufasa looks up as his rescuers enter the truck to cut his chains off of him. As the lion gazes into their eyes he knows, for the first time in 20 years, that he is safe. The rescuers remove Mufasa from the back of the truck and place him in a large animal transport with hay for his bed. The rescuers start the long drive back to Mufasa's natural habitat. Because Mufasa has been raised in captivity, there is no way for his rescuers to release him, safely, into the wild. Fortunately, they work closely with an animal sanctuary that is perfect for Mufasa.

As the Rescuers open the animal transport, Mufasa takes his first steps of freedom. He looks around in disbelief at the world around him, filled with trees, green plants, and so much open space for him to roam. Mufasa spends his days exploring his new home, forever grateful to the rescue team that cared enough to give him a fresh start and a brand new lease on life. Never again will Mufasa be in chains. He is finally home. Finally safe. Finally free! Watch the video, below, to see the rescue and Mufasa's amazing reaction.

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