Misfit Rooster Escapes From His Coop Every Night. When Owners Learn The Reason Why, Tears Fill Their Remorseful Eyes

November 28, 2017

It was a beautiful early morning at Apricot Lane Farms. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon, the air was crisp, and the animals were just getting a move on their day. Just as the morning peace fell over the land, the roosters of Apricot Lane Farms let out a brassy and bold morning call, and the air was filled with strains of “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!”

Before every new day begins, however, there is always a “night before” Animals and staff alike would make their way back to their homes to rest for the night. The horses would all be comfortable in their spacious stalls, the goats would be cuddled up with each other staying warm, and the chickens and hens would all scurry back to into their coops. That is, all but one.

Poodle Roo was one of the best-known roosters at the farm. Every morning, he was up before the rest, greeting the day with a happy attitude. Every night, however, Poodle Roo was the last to bed. In fact, many times, the Apricot Farm Staff would have to search for him and physically carry him back to his coop. No sooner had they left, though, than Poodle Roo would escape again and make his way to the field, where he slept alone.

After weeks of sleeping out in the open field, Poodle Roo was moved into an empty barn. The staff couldn’t figure out why Poodle Roo had been so resistant to sleeping with his own kind, and the nightly search-parties had become burdensome.

One night, the staff decided it was time for the fugitive rooster to go back and sleep with the rest of his own kind. They moved Poodle Roo back into the chicken house during the night and left for the evening expecting life on the farm to carry on as normal.

But things turned out tragically for Poodle Roo. At some point during the night, the other roosters had ganged up on him. For one reason or another, Poodle Roo had never accepted by the other birds. The staff had been making their morning rounds when they noticed that Poodle Roo was nowhere to be found. Typically, Poodle Roo was among the first to awaken, so when they hadn’t seen him out in the field that morning, they had grown concerned.

When they eventually found him, the staff was horrified to discover that Poodle Roo had been severely attacked by the other chickens. They quickly got him medical attention and immediately regretted their decision to force him back into the coop. The staff had no idea that he was so scared of his own kind and it broke their hearts to realize that they had put him in such great danger. For the next couple of days, all they could do to for him was to keep him warm and to pray.

To the entire staff’s relief, Poodle Roo was healing remarkably well! The staff, however, learned one very interesting and previously-unknown fact about Roo during his recovery. Poodle Roo was blind and deaf! This news further devastated the staff, but it finally made sense why Poodle Roo hadn’t been able to protect himself.

From that point on, the staff knew that they had to treat Poodle Roo differently. In fact, the staff of Apricot Lane Farms actually used what they learned from Roo’s story to encourage other animals! While Roo slept in the barn, animals going through a recovery would join him. Together, they would stay free from threats on the farm. Even well after the animals were recovered, Poodle Roo would remain by their side as a friend and confidante.

We are so very happy to learn that Poodle Roo not only recovered but also found a new purpose in life - bringing comfort to other animals going through difficult times. To watch Poodle Roo’s whole story, check out the video, below!

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