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A Family Of Geese Trail Along A Busy Highway. After Almost Getting Hit, A Couple Officers Do Their Due Diligence To Save Them

October 31, 2017

If you’ve ever driven a car on the highway, then it’s safe to say that you’ve been stuck in traffic. Sometimes, it’s due to rush hour. Sometimes, it’s due to construction. Very rarely is it due to police escorting birds. I know what you’re thinking: why in the world do birds (of all creatures) need to be escorted? Well, I guess it’s safe to say that every once in awhile, we all need a little break.

After a long day of travel, these geese had taken a break from their typical mode of transportation as they decided to walk along an interstate. As cars were speeding past them on the busy highway, one police officer had concerns for their safety and decided they needed a little extra protection.

Without any hesitation, the officer turned on his lights and slowly pulled up alongside the geese. Not long after that, a second officer followed his lead and began escorting the geese from the back. It was safe to say that these geese had just received one of the most prestigious escorts in town!

The officer shared that he had been driving along his normal route when he spotted the birds. He knew that the highway was far too busy for anyone to walk along, let alone a gaggle of helpless and tired geese. He did what he would have done for anyone who needed protection, and pulled up beside them in hopes of preventing any commotion or an accident. How amazing is that?!

Complete with two police escorts, these geese continued home without even turning their heads. The goslings were tucked between the geese and the geese were secured by police on the side closest to traffic.

The officers shared that their job was to protect and serve - regardless of who or what they were protecting - so that’s what they did! How cool is it that they saw an opportunity to protect these birds and they took it? They definitely didn’t have to stop and escort the geese, but it was important to them that the geese went home safely.

Thanks to the officers, these geese had an opportunity to rest and relax as they made their way to their destination with ease. We are so grateful for these officers that took the time out of their day to protect and serve this gaggle of geese!

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