Mom Notices Son Is Out Of Bed. She Finally Finds Him In The Most Unlikely Place Imaginable And He's Brought A Friend Along

August 31, 2017

It is no secret that young children despise bed time. No matter how we as parents spin it, bed time is the worst time of the day because it means the end of adventure and fun. We all know that, eventually, our kids will learn to love sleep just as much as we do but, for the time being, we have to prepare ourselves for children who don't want to stay in bed at night. The mother in this story thinks she is prepared for when her son sneaks out of his room, but she has no idea that the boy has the most ingenious hiding spot in the entire world.

As mom prepares for sleep, she decides to go and check on her son who should be asleep by now. As she opens the door, she sees that her son is no longer under his covers, in fact, he is not in his bed at all. He isn't even in his room anymore. The mother is not worried, however. Her son, apparently, sneaks out of bed on a regular basis. If he isn't in his room, he's probably downstairs, watching television. To her surprise, however, her son is not in the living room. Now she is a bit concerned. She searches the house, high and low but cannot seem to locate her son. Finally, she ends up in the kitchen and notices that the refrigerator door is slightly open. As she goes to shut the door she receives the surprise of her life.

There is her son, inside the refrigerator! The little boy is just small enough to wedge himself between the door and the shelves and helps himself to a midnight snack of fried chicken. To make the situation even more hysterical, the little boy is not alone in the refrigerator. He has brought the family dog into the refrigerator with him to have some company while he eats his chicken. Thank goodness Mom has the sense to grab her camera and record this hysterical phenomenon because who would believe her otherwise? Check out the video, below, to witness the hilarious midnight excursion!

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