Young Boy Borrows Sewing Machine For Days On End. When Mom Finds Out What He Is Making She Can't Hold Back Her Tears Of Amazement

September 01, 2017

Most young boys spend their time outside riding bikes, playing games, or simply hanging out with friends. Although 12-year-old Cambell does, indeed, have a lot of friends, he prefers to spend most of his time indoors. He actually enjoys one place above all others, his mother's sewing room.

Cambell spends hours and hours each and every day, locked away in the sewing room. The reason why is quite astounding. Cambell loves making people happy and, in particular, he loves making people and children who are sick, smile like they never have before. According to his mom, Cambell "Looks at sadness and tries to turn it upside down." To understand Cambell's passion for sewing, we need to go back to when he was nine years of age.

At nine years old, Campbell goes to his mother and asks if they can buy some Christmas presents for sick children at the hospital. Having nine children in the home, Campbell's mother and father have no extra spending money after buying all of their kids' presents, so they have to say no to Cambell's request. Cambell decides that, if he cannot buy presents for the children, he will make them. His mom and dad are impressed by his dedication, expecting him to draw some pictures or make a few little crafts for the children. Cambell, however, has much bigger plans.

When Cambell enters his mother's sewing room for the very first time, he finds a teddy bear pattern online and prints it off. Cambell has never sewn anything in his life but he is determined to create a teddy bear. After much trial and error, Cambell produces his first-ever sewn teddy bear. His parents are blown away. They cannot help but shed tears of joy as Cambell takes his bear to the hospital and gives it to a child who is is struggling with leukemia. From that day on, Cambell begins buying all the supplies that he can, in order to create more teddy bears.

People hear about what Campbell is doing and begin donating supplies to him. Soon, Cambell makes enough bears for every sick child in the hospital. He has bears of all colors and sizes; every child who receives one has the biggest smile on his face. Cambell keeps up with every child he makes a bear for, to see how they are getting on with their treatments. Workers at the hospital know Cambell by name because of how often he visits the children there.

Fast forward three years and Cambell has already created anywhere from 700 to 800 bears for children. His most special bear, however, is the one he designs for his father. When Cambell's dad is diagnosed with a type of cancer that has an 80% recurrence rate, Cambell refuses to let bad news bring him down. Because he knows that "cancer gets worse with stress," Cambell decides to make his dad a very special bear. When he presents it to his dad, Cambell tells him that it will help him beat cancer, no matter what. Cambell's dad beats cancer and, despite the odds, it has not returned. "Maybe, the bear worked," Cambell's dad says with a smile.

Cambell's greatest joy in life is bringing happiness to others. Cambell wants to help eradicate negativity from the world and inspire others to love anyone and everyone around them. While magic comes in all shapes and forms, it is safe to say that we agree with Cambell's father when he says, "There's a little bit of magic in them (the bears). A lot of magic in Cambell, though." Watch the video, below, to see just how incredible Cambell and his bears truly are!

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