Newborn Won’t Stop Crying. When Dad Is At His Wit’s End, He Tries One Last Thing To Soothe His Baby And, Within Seconds, The Baby Is Instantly Happy


One of the most joyous moments in life is when a baby is born. The parents wait patiently for nine whole months to see the precious face of their child. The mother already feels such a strong bond to her child long before he is ever born. She feels his every squirm, hiccup, and kick. She dreams of the day she can hold her baby in her arms. The second the parents lay eyes on their child, life as they know it is changed for the good.


They have a newfound purpose in life, a drive to be more than they ever have before. Naturally, the baby finds the most comfort within the arms of his mother. After all, she’s the only home he’s ever known since conception so, the thought of not having her around is impossible to grasp. The adorable little newborn in the video, below, knows this to be very true. He’s a definite mama’s boy and wants to be near her 24/7. One day, Mom has to leave home to run some errands so the little guy has the privilege of spending some one-on-one time with his daddy. For a little while, everything seems to go swimmingly and the baby pleasantly relaxes. Out of nowhere, it seems to dawn on him that his mother is nowhere in sight.


This instantly sends him into hysterics. He begins crying at the top of his lungs and is completely inconsolable. His father does everything he can to calm his distraught child but he continues to come up short. As a last resort, he grabs one of his wife’s dirty shirts from the laundry and hands it to the baby. The second the child smells his mother’s shirt, his crying completely stops! He begins smiling and sweetly cuddling the shirt. Watch the video, below, to see the adorable baby go from tearful to joyful within a matter of seconds.

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