Monsters Cut Off This Dogs Paw And Threw Him In The River To Die

February 02, 2018

Many dogs are forced to suffer horrible atrocities at the hands of abusive monsters who care not for the animals. Luckily, there are people out there today who are willing to do everything in their power to make sure that animals are taken care of. Hope For Paws is one of those organizations.

When Hope For Paws received an urgent phone call about a dog who had been thrown into the Los Angeles River and was in dire need of help, they didn’t hesitate. They raced into action and got there as fast as they could. From the moment they first laid eyes on the tiny dog, they knew this was going to be one of the worst cases they’d ever face.

When the main rescuer, Eldad, reached the terrified dog who he named Jordan, he was horrified. He was missing large patches of his fur and was in horrific shape. When he picked up the shaking dog, he realized the true extent of what the dog had suffered. Jordan’s paw had been cut off by a complete monster.

They took the suffering dog out of the river in a basket and rushed him to the vet. There, he was treated to a bath and a blood transfusion. It took four days for the veterinarians to get him to the point where he could have surgery to completely remove the leg.

After the long surgery, Jordan was finally able to start the recovery process. With the love and gentleness of the veterinarians, it wasn’t long before he was able to move onto a foster home where he could learn to be a beloved family friend again. One of the volunteers who had been there for the rescue, Lisa, was more than happy to take Jordan into her home.

With the help of Lisa and her two dogs, it wasn't long before Jordan completely came out of his shell. Although Jordan was forced to suffer horribly at the hands of monsters, with the help of his loving rescuers he’s only got the good days to look forward to. Now, he spends his days playing with other pups, getting kisses, and stealing bites of his foster mom’s burgers!