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Mother Pit Bull And Her 10 Newborn Babies Are Abandoned At Shelter. Then One Man Sacrifices Everything To Keep Them Alive

November 06, 2017

The love of a mother is something that is superior to most relationships. Many will say that the love of a mother knows no boundaries and will go to every length; mothers have even been known to risk their lives if it means protecting their children. Truly, there is nothing like it.

In Sacramento, California one mother illustrated “A Mother’s Love” when she gave birth to her ten babies. That’s right, this mama had a litter of ten puppies! Her story is truly heartwarming and shows that the best place for a mother is with her babies.

It all started when the first SPCA worker showed up for work early one morning; he was shocked to see a dog at the door. As he got closer, he noticed that it was a mama and her babies that were dropped off during the night. He was heartbroken when he saw that the mama was still bleeding. He immediately called for backup.

The worker that found the family of dogs was nearly in tears looking at the litter. There was no chain on the mama so she could have very easily left but, instead, she endured the long night in the cold to stay with her pups. She had each of them tucked up next to her and was making sure that they all stayed warm and safe. Her selfless act was beautiful.

Another staff member rushed to work to make sure that the pups were looked after. The SPCA bathed and fed the puppies but worried as to what would happen next. They knew that the puppies would most likely get split up, and the mama that had already gone through so much would be heartbroken over it. The SPCA posted a picture to their website hoping for the best but expecting the family would be split up.

That’s when luck rang in the mother’s favor; a young man called immediately after the puppies were shared online and said that we would love to foster the entire family! SPCA workers were shocked at this man’s selflessness. When he came by to pick them up, he shared that he, too, had been in the foster system. He had been lucky enough to stay with his siblings, and he wanted to extend the favor to these little pups. Aww!


Once the puppies and mama were in their new temporary home, they all grew, ate, and played quite freely. The stand-in foster dad knew that he had made the right choice by taking in such a loving mama dog and her babies. He also shared that he believes the mama dog is thankful for his kindness. She shows him lots of love and has a very sweet demeanor.

The foster dad, the momma pup, and the puppies are all doing well as they grow up together. This is such a beautiful story of kindness and compassion, and we are so grateful that the mother stayed with her babies! May the following weeks be filled with love and health!

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