Navy Vessel Spots Unknown Object At Sea, When They Realize What It Is Their Jaws Drop In Disbelief

August 31, 2017

There is no doubt that life has a way of throwing some crazy surprises our way. No matter if the surprise is good or bad, we have to roll with the punches. A seemingly normal day has the potential to make us into heroes at a moment's notice. This is exactly the case for a bunch of crew members aboard their Navy vessel one afternoon. They have no idea that their routine day is about to take a dramatic, and altogether amazing, turn.

While performing their normal duties, the crew of the Navy ship look out into the ocean at a strange sight. There is a large gray mass, seemingly floating, on top of the water. The mass is only a little ways away and the crew members are anxious to find out what it is. It does not look like a whale or any other sea-dwelling creature so there is some confusion among the men as to what they are looking at. Then, all of a sudden, a large trunk pops up from under the water. That's right. The men are looking at a large elephant that is drowning in the ocean. The men can't believe their eyes! How did an elephant get all the way out here!? No time for questions, it is time for action.

The crew immediately jumps into the water and swims toward the struggling elephant. Elephants love to swim and this one seems to have just gone just a little too far for its own good. The men subdue the elephant with ropes and pat it on the back to let the giant know they are there to help. Slowly but surely, they guide the elephant back toward the shore, more than nine miles away. Once the elephant is back in the shallows and they check it for injuries, the men return to their vessel, grateful that they were able to help such a majestic creature. The elephant makes its way back to the shore, safe and sound. Thank goodness for random heroes who are willing to take whatever life throws at them. Watch the video, below, to see the amazing rescue.

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