Orphaned Baby Elephant Is Alone At Shelter, Moments Later An Entire Herd Shows Up And Leaves People Speechless

August 04, 2017

It is safe to say that we could all learn a lot about empathy and love from the animal kingdom. Nothing brings a tear to my eye quite like seeing animals break down walls when it comes to caring for one another. In the animal kingdom, we see the phrase "no one gets left behind" played out in unique and beautiful ways. This was especially true when a herd of elephants got wind of a new addition to their sanctuary. They wasted no time in making sure the newest young elephant felt right at home.

When a young elephant named Dok Geaw was brought to his new home in an elephant sanctuary, it was under less than ideal circumstances. The young elephant had been orphaned and left alone in the world. Rescuers, fortunately, found him and were determined to make sure he not only survived but was also given his best shot at a wonderful life. Once rescuers had put him in an enclosure, Dok Geaw cried because he did not want to be alone. Then, all of a sudden, the ground started to rumble and when the rescuers looked to their right, their jaws hit the floor.

An entire herd of elephants was charging towards the enclosure. It was truly an incredible sight. The herd of elephants, apparently, had heard the young elephant's cries and came to comfort him. The herd surrounded the enclosure and stuck their trunks through the holes to touch the new addition to their family. It was as if they were telling him that everything was going to be ok. The little elephant's cries gave way to smile on his face as he realized that he would not be alone anymore because he had a new family that accepted him. Watch the video below to see the incredible interaction.

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