Mother Announces Baby To Her Puppy. The Beloved Canine’s Response Will Melt Your Heart!

September 25, 2017

Discovering the beautiful news that someone is expecting a precious baby is the most incredible, life-changing news a couple will ever experience together. They know their life, from this point forward, will never be the same and their world is about to become that much richer. Along with their excitement, they also get the opportunity to share this wonderful news with dear friends and family. It's a very thrilling time for everyone!

In this video, a mother shares the news (with a loved one) that she's expecting a baby. Sitting on the couch next to her, the individual receiving the happy news is, surprisingly, not a human but instead her sweet puppy, Junie. Pointing to her belly, the mom informs the sweet pup that very soon she'll be a big sister to the infant in her tummy. With a slightly confusing look on her face, the adorable canine tilts her head and stares directly at the belly that is inches away from her face.

The mom does not stop there. She proceeds to pull up her shirt, revealing even more of her belly and announces the gender and the name of the baby. It's a moment when all dog-loving people wish they could speak the same language as their beloved fur babies. Aware of her mom's strange demeanor and her unusually large belly, this pup can tell something is up and proceeds to lay her head on the big baby bump. This video is a great reminder of just how in-tune these loyal companions can be to their beloved human. It's a lovely baby and gender reveal that you must see for yourself!

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