Tibby Is No Ordinary Corgi. When You Hear What Makes Her So Special, You’ll Be Surprised You Didn’t Catch it Sooner!

September 27, 2017

Corgis are a breed of dogs that have captured the hearts of millions with their good looks. One sweet little Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Tibby Agnes Tibbles has been winning the hearts of thousands with her cuteness. Born on April 20, 2013, this sweet little girl lives with her doting family in Toronto, Canada, where they love her to the moon and back.


The fascinating thing about Tibby is that neither one of her parents is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. A Pembroke Welsh is a Corgi that has inherited the trait for long and fluffy coats. Neither of her parents had a coat like hers, but they both carried the recessive trait. Her owner loves how soft and fluffy her coat is, and jokes that Tibby sheds only twice a year. Those two times are from January to June and July to December, so her house is always fur-filled!


Tibby has become so famous that she has over 250,000 followers across her social media platforms. Her Instagram is the home for 220,000 of her followers and the place where she shares the cutest Corgi photos you’ve ever seen! Tibby posts a new photo almost every day, so there’s always plenty of Corgi cuteness around for everyone to see.


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