People Said That Mom's New Pit Bull Might Try To Eat Her Furry Guinea Pigs. The Relationship They Have Now Makes Everyone Smile

July 05, 2017

Introducing a pet into a new home is always a unique experience. When Moki, an adorable pit bull, was introduced to her new home, it took some getting used to. Especially because there were already two furry occupants waiting to welcome her. When we introduced our new puppy Eastwood to our older dog Screwtape, it took some sniffing and pawing around to get used to each other.

That was definitely the case when Moki met her furry siblings named Frida and Pandora. Frida and Pandora were much smaller than Moki and different in almost every way. That's because Moki's siblings were guinea pigs. Needless to say, Moki had never seen anything like her two new sisters before.

Some friends of Moki's new mom had some concerns about introducing a pit bull into a guinea pig friendly environment. For one thing, Moki was taller than her siblings by a rather large margin. Another concern was brought up about the aggression of pit bulls. Pit bulls often received a negative stereotype for being aggressive and mean. 

People were concerned that Moki would try to eat her new siblings when she met them. But, two minutes with Moki was enough to put anyone at ease about that fear. Moki quickly broke the stereotype that all pit bulls were aggressive by loving and kissing everyone she met.

So, needless to say, when Moki met her tiny siblings, it was an instant friendship. Instead of eating her siblings, Moki was more interested in cuddling with them. Moki, Frida, and Pandora became an inseparable trio. Moki would make sure that her sisters were always clean by giving them baths with her kisses. 

Frida and Pandora made sure Moki always felt safe at night by cuddling up next to her. Moki would, in turn, stay close to her sisters' sides to protect them from anything bigger than they were. Most of their days were filled with sleeping, and more sleeping, with the occasional walk around the house, before sleeping some more.

Moki found that she fit right in with her new family. She had a mom who loved her, a roof over her head, and two furry sisters that would be her best friends forever. So the next time you are worried about introducing a new pet into the family, think of Moki, Frida, and Pandora. WATCH the video below to see the furry siblings' adorable relationship!

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