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Barry Had Almost Lost Hope of Ever Finding His Beloved Titan. Then He Received a Message That Sent Him RUNNING to the Door

April 11, 2017

Few things are as heartbreaking as losing a pet.

They are such an important part of our lives. When they disappear without a trace, your world seems to instantly stop spinning.

This very thing happened to a man named Barry Gearhart.

He had gone to the store and left Titan, his gorgeous pit bull, in his truck for a brief moment. When he returned, his heart sank. He quickly realized that during his time in the store, someone had stolen his dog.

He was completely devastated in the loss of his companion. The two were very close and Barry had raised Titan since he was a tiny pup.

Barry began posting information about his dog on Facebook as often as he could in hopes of quickly bringing him back safely.

An entire year had passed and though Barry had never stopped searching for his friend, his hope was starting to slowly fade away.

One day, he got a message that stopped him in his tracks. An employee from a local shelter said that they had a dog there named Hank who looked exactly like Titan.

Since Hank had been there for nearing a year and because he was more advanced in age, he was just days away from being euthanized. Without a moment's notice, Barry was off to the shelter.

As soon as Hank saw Barry, they instantly knew the truth. "Hank" was his beloved Titan. He had finally been found, and just in the nick of time at that!

Watch the video below to see the heartwarming reunion.

I'm so very thankful that these two were reunited after all these years.

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