Abandoned Puppy Was On The Verge Of Death. One Very Unlikely Hero Stepped In And Completely Saved The Day

June 23, 2017

There's something incredibly special about the love of a mother. From the moment she sees her young for the very first time, a shift happens inside her, changing her outlook on things forever. A mother and her young have a connection that nothing in this world can tear apart. No more does she keep her focus solely around herself.

She now has a new meaning to life and has a little one who depends on her for nourishment, comfort, and unconditional love. It's incredible to see just how powerful the love of a mother truly can become. She will face the most perilous dangers and walk through fire for her young. In my opinion, moms are the true unsung heroes of this day and age.


Sometimes in rare and unfortunate situations, things happen to a mother, leaving her young defenseless and all alone. While we hate to imagine a life like this, it is a reality for some. At the Cleveland Animal Protective League, this very scenario happened. A teeny, tiny newborn orphaned puppy was found motherless and all alone.

When an animal this young is found without a mother, it's likelihood of survival is very slim. This little puppy was suffering tremendously and was in immediate need of a mother. They had initially searched for a foster mother dog but there were none in the shelter. 


One of the employees at the Animal Protection League had a wild idea but knew they didn't have much time for any other options. There was a mother cat living at the shelter who had just given birth to her own litter of kittens. They decided to see if she would be a suitable foster mother for the puppy.

Even though it seemed like an incredibly long shot, they knew they had no other options. Everyone held their breath as the moment of truth was unfolding. As soon as they introduced the two, they couldn't believe their eyes!

Check out the following page to see how the mother cat reacted to the newborn puppy. Did she accept her lovingly as one of her own or did she reject her?


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