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Puppy Found Frozen To A Puddle With Severe Frostbite. With 4 Prosthetic Legs Can This Dog Ever Live A Full Happy Life? Watch And See!

September 18, 2017

Sweet pup, Naki’o, experienced a sad beginning in his life. Through the loving care of his rescuers, though, he was able to bounce back, stronger, happier, and excited to live life to the fullest. Abandoned in a foreclosed home with his littermates, this puppy suffered through an extremely cold winter. Although he ultimately survived his ordeal, it was not without harsh consequences. When rescuers finally got to him, they discovered that the pup had been frozen to a puddle, causing severe frostbite to his legs.  Due to this extreme trauma, all four of his paws had to be amputated. There is a happy ending, though!

When Naki’o’s owner came across his Petfinder profile, she fell in love with the six-pound bundle of joy, and made arrangements to adopt him. Because he was so small at first, he did not have too much difficulty getting around. Once he began to grow, however, everything changed. The heavier he got, the more trouble he had walking and moving about. It’s when Naki’o turned one-year-old that the owner began doing research to see if she could find a solution for her sweet canine.

In spite of the many challenges that Naki’o faced, his life was still blissful;  he did not allow his struggles to get him down. He was loving, kind, and just happy to live every single day. His demeanor and positive attitude were contagious to everyone around him.

Then, one day, “Fate intervened,” Naki’o’s mom pointed out. She was working at a vet clinic when one of their animal patients came walking in with a knee brace from Orthopets. Curious, she decided to contact them to see what Nakio’s options were.

After meeting with this incredible company, they decided to explore the prosthetic options. After the family raised the money for one prosthetic device, Orthopets surprised them by donating the other three, free-of-charge. Naki’o’s life was changed from that moment forward and he became the first dog in the world to have four prosthetic legs.

Naki’o is paving the way and changing lives, left and right. He’s an amazing example that gives hope to, not only animals, but people as well. No matter what your disability is, you can still love and live life to the fullest. Just keep charging forward with joy and determination; just remember to never give up. As the loving owner likes to point out, “He’s been through so much but he’s got such a wonderful spirit and a wonderful heart that it kinda trumps everything.” That, my friends, is what you need in order to conquer the tough obstacles that life will throw at you! Watch the full video to find out more regarding “Naki’o’s Underdog Rescue” and don’t forget to share this inspiring story with others along the way!

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