Puppy Pit Bull Was Rescued From A Burning Fire. 5 Months Later Is When The Real Miracle Happens

August 29, 2017

Jake is a three week-old puppy that had been rescued from a burning shed. Firefighter, Bill Lindler is the one who rescued him. Jake had 50 to 75 percent of his body covered in burns when Bill found him. Bill fell in love with the sweet puppy and decided to adopt him. “I knew this little guy was gonna need a good little lovin’ home,” Bill says.

Jake and Bill have developed an inseparable bond; they are always together. “You’re not going to get ‘em apart for too long before he starts barking,” a firefighter at Bill's station says. Now that Jake has completed his treatments Bill brings him to the fire department for his shifts at the station. Jake is an honorary firefighter and the official mascot of the department. Jake now rides in the fire trucks and goes to school assemblies to help firefighters raise fire safety awareness.

“No matter what happens, he’s always there,” a firefighter comments. Jake makes friends everywhere he goes and everyone seems to love this spunky little pup. “I couldn’t imagine life right now without him because he has become such a huge part of my life.” Bill says. Watch the video below.

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