This 2-Year-Old’s Best Friend Is A Massive Alaskan Malamute, And Their Pictures Are The Cutest Things Ever

December 08, 2017

Meet Banksii and her best bud, Utah! Utah is an Alaskan Malamute who spends his days with his best friend, two-year-old Banskii. Together, the two of them have taken over the Internet with their adorable friendship and their sweet pictures.

Utah was born into a simple family of two newlyweds. For the first two years of his life, he was their only child. He got all of the attention and they loved him endlessly. But after a little while, his owners decided they wanted a family. That’s when Banksii came along.

At first, his owners were curious about how he would adjust to having another little one running around the house. With Utah being such a massive dog, they were concerned for the first couple of months with their daughter as a newborn.

But to everyone’s shock, Utah was absolutely a dream dog when the baby arrived! From day one, Utah always remained by little Banksii’s side. He never wandered away and he never grew aggressive toward her. His owners were shocked at how gentle and patient Utah was!

Banksii also developed an immediate love for Utah. She would spend hours crawling after him, cuddling with him, and even playing dress up with him. Utah was always a good sport for his best friend Banksii.

After a year with just Banksii, Utah’s owners have decided that they want another baby! Currently, Binksii’s mom is pregnant with their second child. She is so excited to find out if the pup wil get a new little brother or new little sister.

While Utah isn’t hanging out with his favorite girls, he’s sleeping, haha! Sounds like he is livin’ a pretty good life of playing all day and napping for the rest. We think Utah and Binksii are totally cute! Don’t you?!

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