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From Sad and Lonely To A Friend To All [VIDEO]

April 03, 2017

 This bear has what it takes to befriend all of the other rescued moon bears and his caretakers! Cinta is a moon bear that along with many other bears, has been rescued by Animals Asia from bile farms. After living for years in torturous pain having his bile extracted for traditional Chinese medicines, he was brought to Animals Asia and now is such a happy and friendly bear! 

Photo Via Asia Animals Youtube

Caretakers were pleasantly surprised when Cinta quickly made friends with quite a few of the other rescued bears. Acclimating the bears to be around other bears can be a very long and difficult process. It is hard for them to forget what their life used to be like and be able to really embrace the way that they can now live in a community among other bears.

Animals Asia’s Vet Nurse Richard Thompson said:

“Cinta has proven himself to be really special. He has actively created a group for himself by helping several other bears cope with their bad past. The other bears have learned from Cinta how to forget what happened to them so that they can move forward with their lives, and accept friendship from others who have experienced similar events.”

Photo Via Asia Animals Youtube

After Cinta became friends with the more social bears, he befriended long time loner Song Sot, who had never showed interest in another bear before. Since so many of the bears warmed up to Cinta, the caretakers thought that he might be just the bear to help another, much more unhappy bear named Hoa. 

Hoa has attitude and she has never wanted to be around the other bears. That all changed when they introduced her to Cinta though and they spent the whole time playing and enjoying each other's company. 

Animals Asia Bear Manager Kelly Donithan said:

“We’ve just started introducing Cinta to Hoa, who is a real fireball. She has shown very little interest in making friends up to now, but we thought with Cinta it was worth a try.

“It’s been one day, but we’ve all been amazed. Hoa and Cinta played almost non-stop. It is so impressive and if Cinta can keep Hoa in a good mood when she meets the rest of the group, this could be her opportunity to finally be part of a community of bears

Do you want to learn more about Cinta, the friendliest moon bear, and his new group friends? Of course, you do! Watch this cute video to see them interacting and playing with one another. 

What did you think? Cinta has made quite a few friends! Please visit https://www.animalsasia.org/us/ to find out what can be done to help this wonderful organization that is on a mission to save bears like Cinta!

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