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Shelter Dog 'Ray' Reacts To Man During First Encounter. From That Point Forward Both Lives Are Forever Changed!

September 19, 2017

Life for Ray, a Pit Bull, was not always blissful and happy. Lost, and waiting to be adopted at a local dog shelter, he was ready to be given a second chance in life. Then, one day, a man walked into the shelter and noticed something very special about Ray. A characteristic so unique that it sealed the deal and turned this once-stranger into a forever-dad.

“Super-Smile Ray,” as his dad likes to call him, is a fun-loving, passionate dog whose face charmingly reveals every happy emotion he holds in his heart. Where most dogs either wag their tails side-to-side, or bounce up-and-down with excitement, this loving canine expresses his pleasure in a completely different manner. He communicates his joy in a way that is a bit more in-your-face, so to speak. He flashes a big fat smile!

Today, Ray is as happy as can be and, when it’s time to show his glee, he presents the biggest smile to his dad, revealing all his top and bottom teeth. His smile is so big you can even see his gums. With an expression so huge, you can bet his sweet little nose will be wrinkled in the process. It’s truly one of the funniest grins you will ever see and, if you happened to be a random person passing by, you might mistake his toothy expression for a menacing snarl. You would soon discover, however, that this happy-go-lucky dog just has a one-of-a-kind smile; one that will leave a lasting impression. Check it out!

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