Skillful Dog Loves Riding His Scooter. Soon He Is Ready To Break A World Record That Leaves Everyone Smiling

September 26, 2017

We've all heard the saying, "You can't teach an old dog, new tricks." No one told that to Norman, apparently. Norman is a charming French Sheepdog that loves, above all else, to ride around on anything with wheels. That's right. Norman is a mobile dog in more ways than one!

Being a French Sheepdog isn't as easy as you might think. Norman's breed tends to be rather skittish when first introduced to new environments or meeting new people. Norman’s mom, Karen, is a professional dog trainer who knows exactly how to bring the cute pup out of his shell. She teaches Norman how to ride a scooter first, then more vehicles follow in no time.

Norman rides around on his favorite scooter, as well as on skateboards and even a specialized bicycle. Norman is so good at scooting around that he breaks a world record! Norman rides his scooter, unassisted, for 30 meters in under 30 seconds. In just 20.27 seconds, Norman earns himself fantastic doggie stardom! Now all he needs is for the Guinness Book Of World Records to send him his award! Watch the video, below, to see Norman's impressive riding skills!

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