This Gorgeous Maltipoo Is A Famous Celebrity. When You Hear What She’s Starred In, You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Recognize Her

September 27, 2017

Maltipoo’s are one of the cutest dog breeds around! This mix of a Maltese and a Poodle has resulted in some of the friendliest and most beautiful pets to have ever existed. It’s no surprise when one of these magnificent pups becomes an Internet star!

Maliboo is a gorgeous all-white Maltipoo who lives with the Ziegler family of “Dance Moms” fame! Maliboo has even appeared on episodes of the show! Her first appearance was in an episode that originally aired in December of 2013 when she was a very young pup. Maliboo has the cutest name of any Maltipoo around, but she was almost known as Maisie!

Maliboo was born for life in the limelight, and it definitely shows in her magnificent personality. Plus, this dog is so charming that her Instagram account has managed to earn over 470,000 followers! Maliboo is certainly deserving of her stardom, as she somehow manages to look like the cutest pup around in every photo of her!

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