Seymour Was Running Loose On The Streets, Until One Woman Saw His Plight And Decided To Save Him

August 16, 2017

People who foster animals are very good people, as they dedicate their time and energy to caring for a dog who doesn’t have a home. Some of them even spend their own money to care for the dogs. Without them, more dogs across the world would be euthanized from a lack of space.

When Shaun Knighten, a foster parent for A.R.T. and Paws Animal Rescue, saw a stray dog running loose near her school she knew she needed to help him. She called the rescue she volunteers with, and they called in Eldad with Hope For Paws Animal Rescue to help capture the dog. Eldad grabbed the assistance of Jaime Newman and they raced into action to help the dog they would name Seymour.

When they arrived, they found Seymour sleeping in a school yard. He would pick his head up every time someone walked by, but otherwise the exhausted pup continued to nap. The rescuers made the decision to shut the gate to ensure he could not escape and run out into the road if he got spooked.

Eldad decided that the best course of action was to get the gentle snare around the dog’s neck while he slept, to ensure a safer capture. When Eldad got the lead around Seymour’s head, the dog became panicked and begin to thrash around as he fought to escape. He didn’t understand what was happening and was absolutely terrified. Eventually, they got him to relax and were able to remove him from the school.


After successfully capturing Seymour, they took him back to their headquarters to give this adorable pup a bath. Gentle Seymour sat there patiently as they bathed him and got him all cleaned up. After his bath, while he dried, he was introduced to an adorable little kitten and the two frightened animals became friends. 

After he was cleaned up, they called A.R.T. and Paws, who agreed to help Seymour find his new home. This playful puppy went from living on the street to living in a loving home in a short time.

Seymour did not have to spend long at A.R.T. And Paws Animal Rescue before finding his forever home. He was there for only a few weeks before finding his new home with a great family - and a brother named Jack.

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