Yoga With A Toddler For The Win!

July 01, 2017

Exercise, you either love it, hate it or maybe just tolerate it. I try to work out, but let me tell you it is a lot harder to do with young kiddos under foot. They are there with you wanting to do whatever you are doing or all up in your face and distracting you. 

I shouldn't complain, at least my kids are wanting to exercise! Still, when you are trying to do a yoga move like downward dog and have a kiddo going under your body like a bridge, it can be hard to maintain that pose. For me, if it's not the kids, it's my cats! 

Yoga is one of those exercises that can make you feel empowered and peaceful at the same time. There is everything from Warrior pose to Child's pose and all that is in between. However, as tranquil as I might feel one minute, the next I have a child climbing on my back and there goes that feeling.

 Usually, once I am interrupted multiple times I change my plan of action. I start doing poses with the kids. Of course, this does depend on the age of the child. Some have personalities that are willing to just sit and play and others want to be in on the action. 

  Some parents are much better at handling little interruptions. Take the parents in the video. They do yoga with their toddler every morning as a family. They do not seem to mind one little bit that their offspring is hanging off of them. 

The video starts with the toddler running around. He sits for maybe 2 seconds and then is back up. At one point he thinks dad might be thirsty and tries to help him out and give him a water bottle. 

Throughout the video, the parents stay calm and balanced. The toddler is obviously enjoying himself too! I just love hearing the sounds of his cute giggles as he climbs all over his parents. It is too cute when he mimics their moves. My son was always great at the downward dog and doing planks even before he could even walk. Amazing what those little bodies can do! 

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