This Frisky Feline Loves To Travel And See The World. When You See Her Adventures You Won’t Be Able To Hold Back Your Grin

October 03, 2017

Cats are known for being lazy, regal creatures, content to lounge around on their comfortable beds and seek out humans whenever they require more food or perhaps the occasional scratch. Sometimes, cats are born with a sense of adventure, and they will always strive to go on expeditions to places unknown to them. June is a feline who was born with that adventurous spirit.

June is a Half-Siberian, Half-Maine Coon who lives with her doting owners, Nancy and Tim, in Holland. She’s become Internet famous for her escapades and has 80,000 Instagram followers who love to see what this gorgeous cat is up to. Nancy started June’s Instagram account before June even came home for the first time.

Originally, they had intended for June to be an indoor cat, but with her love for exploring, they found it impossible to do so. Now, she loves to hang outside with them in the evenings, exploring the world and going on every adventure she possibly can. This brave feline is definitely one of the cutest adventurers around.

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