This Pup Never Lost Her Smile, Even After Being Hit By A Car. Then Her New Mom Gave Her A Reason To Smile Forever

July 05, 2017

Dali, a 3-year-old pit bull, always had a smile on her face. She had the best energy and would always bring joy to everyone she met. one day, however, Dali was hit by a car and paralyzed from the waist down. People thought that Dali's injury may affect her lively spirit. 

People were wrong. Although she had been hurt, Dali still kept a loving smile on her face. After being taken to a shelter to be monitored, Dali started getting around any way she could. She got stronger by the day and was able to use only her front legs to get around.

Workers at the shelter helped in any way they could to make Cali more comfortable. They helped her get around by holding her legs up for her, or simply sitting with her for a good cuddle session. Eventually, it was time to start the adoption process for Dali.

Soon, Dali was adopted and taken to her home. Unfortunately, the family who took Dali in returned her soon after. Then Dali was adopted again, only to be returned for a second time. The reasons for her return were unknown, so the workers were flabbergasted.

Even through this difficult time, Dali never lost her smile. Dali was still willing to love anyone and everyone she met. While some people or animals might have lost faith in the goodness of people, Dali kept her faith. She still believed people were good and deserved to be trusted.

Then, one day, a woman arrived at the shelter that changed Dali's life forever. Dali's new mother fell in love with her instantly and before the day was out, the papers were signed and Dali had a new family. Dali was taken to the airport and flown to California where she started her new life!

Dali's new mom enrolled her in the best therapy sessions money could buy. Dali was soon doing hydrotherapy every week to help her legs and muscle memory. Dali also did acupuncture and worked out on treadmills. She was even given a custom doggie wheelchair to help her get around. Through all her adversity, Dali never forgot to smile and is now getting stronger every single day! WATCH the video below to see Dali's incredible journey. 

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