This Woman Rescues Tiny Runts That Most Animal Shelters Can't Help. When You See Some Of Their Adorable Pictures You'll Be Hooked On This Account

September 13, 2017

Hannah Shaw from Washington, D.C., is widely known as the Kitten Lady because of her dedication to saving the lives of the kittens who need her help the most. With Hannah’s love, countless tiny runt kittens have been saved from almost certain death.

Hannah shares adorable photos of the kittens she rescues, on her Instagram account where everyone can follow along. Hannah is one of the rare few who have verified accounts on Instagram. Nearly half-a-million people have followed along with her, on her mission to save kittens’ lives.

If you follow along on her journey, you’re sure to get attached to these adorable kittens. Hannah is kind enough to share updates about them on her website, too, so you can find out where all the adopted kittens are today. Even better, a lot of the adopting parents create new Instagram accounts for their cats, so you can continue watching them grow and thrive!

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