Unwanted Pit Bull And Recovering Addict. With Difficult Pasts, Watch How They Discover Redemption Through Their Incredible Bond And Extreme Adventures


Through the ups and downs of life, we have a choice. We can allow certain circumstances to either destroy us or transform us into a better version of ourselves; one that we’re extremely proud of.  In this story, you will see how both PJ (a recovering addict) and Clove (a pit bull who was almost euthanized twice), overcome their extremely tough pasts.

Through their will to survive, help from one another, and incredible adventures together, you will have the opportunity to experience how second chances can be far greater than we could possibly ever imagine.


Turning his life around for the better, PJ adopts Clove in the hope that they both will learn to love, trust, and experience life together. At first, Clove is very standoffish and has an extremely hard time bonding with his new owner. PJ is at a loss but he isn’t about to give up on Clove.  

One day he takes her for a walk and that’s where everything becomes magical for Clove. Excitement grows for her new-found love of walks, runs, hikes, and any adventure they are able to experience together; no matter how challenging the journey.


PJ gives Clove a new life which grants her new opportunities to experience and look at the world in a brand new way. Clove's trust grows more every single day. Soon their outside exploring turns into challenging, extreme adventures that they both enjoy doing alongside each other.

Through their many adventures in the snow, rain, wind, and sunshine, they also experience, love, trust, and healing, through the bond they share; they are truly best friends. Both have been given a second chance in life as well as the ability to live in the present moment. Watch their many adventures and get ready to be inspired!

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