When Little Girl Adopted Two Baby Emus, She Had No Idea They Would Become The Perfect Family Pets

June 30, 2017

One day, Hailey, a young girl who lived in New York, told her mom, Alicia, that she wanted to get a pet. Alicia and Hailey lived on a large plot of land, so raising a pet was much easier for them. If they had lived in the city, it would have been more difficult. So, Alicia and Hailey started looking for the perfect pet to bring home.

No doubt, if Alica was anything like me, she was expecting Hailey to want a dog or a cat. You know, something every kid wanted at the time. But, one day, while looking for the perfect pet, Hailey came upon a rather unusual candidate. His name was Pheonix, a two week old Emu. Hailey fell in love with Pheonix immediately and begged Alicia for the chance to take him home.


This was a very unusual animal to bring home as a pet. The Emu can grow up to 6.5 feet and weigh as much 130 pounds. This was much larger than your typical house dog or cat. But, Hailey was insistent that she had found her perfect pet. So, Alicia decided that Pheonix had to come home with them, and they started making all the preparations to give him a proper habitat.

Soon everything was ready and Hailey and Alicia went back to pick up Pheonix. While he was very small at just two weeks old, he would not stay that size for long. Emus reach their full growth at just 14 weeks old, so Alica's and Hailey's home had to be ready to accommodate the growing Emu.

Of course, Phoenix was allowed to roam around inside the house when he was tiny, but he would soon be too big for that kind of surrounding. Luckily, Alicia and Hailey had done their research and had made their backyard and Emu's paradise. They had fencing put in so Pheonix knew where his boundaries were, but other than that Pheonix had more than enough room to run and play all day long. 

This was a good thing because full grown Emu's had the ability to run up to 30 miles an hour at a full sprint.  Emu's were known to be very docile most of the time, however, so Alicia and Hailey got plenty of quality time with Pheonix. However, as the weeks went on, Hailey noticed that Pheonix seemed board with his new surroundings.

Alicia and Hailey both decided that both their yard and their hearts were big enough to adopt another pet. Of course, they wanted one that ould get along with Phoenix, and as luck would have it, they found the perfect sibling for Phoenix in no time. Her name was Stella. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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