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Wildlife Rangers Spot Majestic Giraffe While Out On Patrol. When They Get Closer The Realize It Needs Help Immediately

September 22, 2017

Thank goodness for the people in the world who dedicate their lives to the rescue and protection of animals. Without these everyday heroes, many animals would be lost and without help. One such creature is a giraffe that a group of park rangers spot one afternoon, grazing out on the open plains.

The giraffe, upon first glance, seems to be ok but, when the rangers get closer, they see that the poor animal has a poacher's snare wrapped around its leg. The animal can walk but only with extreme difficulty and pain. The rangers know that they have to work quickly to relieve the giraffe of its painful predicament. After tranquilizing the giraffe, the rescuers set to work freeing the creature.

The rangers carefully cut the snare from giraffe's leg. They keep the animal's face covered with a blanket so that if the giraffe wakes up, it will not panic. Once they remove the snare, the rangers mark the giraffe's leg so they can come back to check on its progress. The giraffe awakens, as if nothing has happened, and continues on its way, only now, without pain! Watch the video, below, to see the amazing rescue for yourself.

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