After Living In A Dungeon For Most Of His Life, Toby Goes Through A Transformation That Makes Him Brand New In Both Appearance And Spirit

November 22, 2017

If you have any love for dogs at all, you will agree with me when I say that every lovable canine deserves a forever home. For some dogs, a loving home is all but a guarantee; for others, however, the very thought of a loving home is something that seems like an impossibility. There are people in this world, however, that dedicate their lives to making sure that every dog gets to live their best life possible, no matter how dark the circumstances may seem. Dogs like Toby owe their very lives to people such as these.

On this particular day, a team of Good Samaritans receives a call about a suspected case of animal neglect. The team rushes to the location, and it doesn't look good from the start; the building seems abandoned but shows signs of someone, or something, living inside. The team enters the building and begins the search for the animal that is supposedly trapped inside. After scouring the first floor and the upstairs and finding nothing, the team discovers a door that leads to the basement. This is where things take a heartbreaking turn.

The team goes down the stairs and, when they reach the bottom, their jaws drop in disbelief at what they see. The basement consists of a cold stone floor, very little light, and one dog lying in the corner; the dog, of course, is Toby. Toby lifts his head in recognition of the visitors, but the poor pup makes no attempt to move from the spot. Toby doesn't seem frightened or happy; his countenance borders on indifference, as if he has accepted this as his lot in life. The collective heart of the team breaks as they look at Toby, but they are not about to leave him there.

The team gently picks Toby up and puts him in a van to transport him to a hospital where they can thoroughly assess his condition. On the ride to the hospital, Toby's demeanor starts to change. He seems to realize that he is safer than he ever has been and that these people care about him. Once at the hospital, Toby gratefully lies down on a soft bed and allows the team to check him for injuries and infections. Once the evaluation is done, Toby is given a large meal and all the water he can drink. Toby then falls straight to sleep, somehow understanding that this is the first day on his long road to recovery.

Toby and the team take the recovery process one step at a time and, with each passing day, Toby's strength increases and his smile widens. The only thing left is for the pup to have surgery to repair a persistent infection in his left hind leg. With that surgery in the very near future and a forever home waiting for him afterward, Toby's life is completely changed forever! His past pain can't hold a candle to his present healing and transformation. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers and Toby's willingness to trust them to give him his second chance in life!

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