Yeyush Was A Puppy-Mill Dog With No Hope. Now He Travels The World With His Family

October 24, 2017

Yeyush is an adorable Chihuahua who lives with his doting owner and beloved canine sibling, Renzo, in New York City. Together, the small family spends their free time raising awareness about the plights of animals who suffer horrific abuses, end up in shelters, or just need a helping hand. Yeyush is a sweet dog who loves to relax in the sun with his owner, and travel the world.

Yeyush’s life may sound like that of a dream now, with all the world-traveling and the love he receives, but the start of his story was the complete opposite. The first years of Yeyush’s life were full of fear and loneliness, living in a tiny cramped cage. You see, Yeyush was a breeding dog at a Puppy Mill in Indiana.

Yeyush was tattooed with the number 13 on his right ear, and that’s how the breeder knew him. He had no name, only a number. His entire life was spent in a small cage until he was used to breed, then returned to his cage. He knew no family and no comfort. Yeyush was living in his own personal hell.

Thankfully, everything changed for Yeyush one day when Animal Control heard of the plight of this amazing dog and all of the other dogs trapped in the hell with him. Even after being rescued from a horrible life in a small cage, he still had a long way to go. Yeyush had to learn how to be a happy and beloved member of the family.

When Yeyush was adopted, he finally had the home he had always deserved. This dog who had suffered countless abuses was given the opportunity to overcome and learn to be a loved companion. Yeyush has gone from seeing his cage as his entire world, to being a world-traveler. I think it’s safe to say he’s living the good life.

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