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When Rescue Pup Kiwi Went To Be Spayed, She Ate Numerous Gloves, Turning A Simple Procedure Into An Extensive Surgery

October 27, 2017

Kiwi is a gorgeous, black Labrador Retriever mix who lives with her doting parents and two canine siblings. She loves to go to the beaches near their home, and swim in the ocean, retrieving her ball time and time again. She also loves to curl up with her loving owners at the end of a long day, relaxing in the comfort and safety of her home.

Kiwi may now be living the perfect life of any Lab there ever was, but her life didn’t start out that way. In fact, the beginning of her life can only be described as rather rough and sad. At the age of four months, Kiwi found herself alone and scared, abandoned to die on the streets. If it hadn’t been for the Escambia County Animal Shelter, she would most likely have died a horrible, painful death.

Kiwi was abandoned on the scary, dangerous streets of Pensacola, Florida when she was barely old enough to be weaned. Sadly, when a litter of puppies is not wanted, they’ll often find themselves abandoned as soon as they’re old enough to be away from their mother. For two months, Kiwi struggled to survive on her own. She scavenged for food in the trash, and on the streets.

When she was picked up by the shelter, she was starving. Her bones were showing and she wanted to eat everything in sight. It wasn’t long before a couple spotted the gorgeous pup at the shelter and knew they were meant to be family. As soon as she was healthy enough, they scheduled her to be spayed so she could go home.

As a result of her time on the streets, Kiwi had learned to scavenge for food when she was hungry. Since she was not allowed to eat the night before, this little pup was starving by the time she went in for her surgery. She managed to scarf down a number of surgical gloves - the vets wouldn’t tell her new family just how many the pup ate. Her simple spay turned into a more extensive surgery to remove the gloves from her tummy. Thankfully, she healed up perfectly and was able to go to her new home.

Kiwi quickly wormed her way into her owners’ hearts and became a spoiled member of their family. When her parents finally tied the knot, she was even involved in the wedding! Even though the beginning of Kiwi’s life was full of fear and hunger, this sweet girl is sure to be loved and well-fed until her last day! Now, her only worry in life is where to lie in the sand or grass to catch the perfect amount of sunlight.

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