Puppy’s Head Was Split Open And Left To Die In A Snowstorm- Then An Angel Stepped In

October 24, 2017

Renzo lives with his doting parents and adopted canine sibling, Yeyush, in New York City where he helps raise awareness about the plight of rescue dogs. Renzo loves to dress up in adorable outfits, and travel the world! This dog is living the life of a Celebrity Pup, but his life wasn’t always happy, and he wasn’t always a cherished family member.

Renzo used to live in Tennessee with a horrible owner who didn’t care about him and had long-since grown tired of this amazing dog. Renzo’s life with his abuser was sad; he was rarely fed and certainly never received any love.

The true tale of how horrible young Renzo’s life was, came to a head with one terrible incident. In the dead of winter, a severe snowstorm was quickly covering the ground in a white blanket and bringing silence to the chaotic world. Renzo’s abusers grew tired of torturing the young Chihuahua and decided to get rid of him, once and for all.

His abusers split Renzo’s skull in two. Although it’s unclear as to how they did it, it was likely caused by either kicking Renzo in the head or picking up the tiny dog and throwing him at a wall. Either way, it’s safe to say that this amazing dog suffered true abuse. That wasn’t the end to this dog’s torture though, not at all.

Renzo’s abusers tied him to a tree, leaving him to die a cold and painful death in the middle of winter. As the dog shivered, dying from his injuries and the cold, he was found by a heroic rescuer who had followed the blood trail to find the terrified dog. Renzo was rescued, and managed to heal from his horrible abuses; he was then placed for adoption.

Renzo was adopted quickly, and now lives with his doting owner, never having to fear for his life again. It took Renzo a little while to warm up to his new family, but with the help of his adopted brother and his new parents, they slowly taught him how to love again. He loves to travel the world, seeing all sorts of new sights with his family by side. He particularly loves the beach, feeling the breeze in his fur and the sun on his skin makes his tail wag a mile a minute! He has all the love and affection any dog could ever want, and what dog wouldn’t want to accompany his family on trips around the world!

This beloved family member has come a long way from being abused and left to die in a snowstorm. Now, he helps raise awareness about other dogs who still suffer horrible abuses all around the world. With his help and as more awareness to drawn to the horrors that dogs face, it won’t be long until dogs like Renzo never have to fear for their lives again! While the start to this amazing dog’s life may have been bleak, we’re sure there’s only happiness to come. 

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