Punkin And Tex Were Abandoned To Die. Thanks To The Love Of One Family, They’ve Found Their Forever Home

October 26, 2017

Punkin and Tex are two gorgeous pups who live with their doting humans, where they are they beloved family members. They love to romp around, playing with their human sister, Scout Lillian. The three of them are the best of buds, and they never want to be apart. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but clearly, they’ve never seen a girl with her dogs before!

Punkin was the first to join the family, and she came to meet them in November 2016! On the cool Fall day, the family pulled up to a small local store in their little town and spotted the beautiful Lab running loose around the parking lot. With all of the traffic and the construction going on, they feared for her safety, so they quickly caught her, hoping to reunite Punkin with the family that was sure to be missing her!

When they got Punkin into the car, a lady approached them and thanked them for rescuing the sweet pup. Then, she told them how Punkin came to be all alone and running loose in the lot. The lady had seen a car pull up and open the door. As soon as Punkin jumped out, the car drove away, leaving the sweetheart behind. They were horrified by Punkin’s abandonment and knew that, even though they wished they hadn’t found her that way, she was now with her forever home.

In January 2017, Scout Lillian and her family were outside playing with Punkin and their other dogs, Roscoe and Ollie, when they heard horrible howling and crying from their back lot. They quickly put their dogs inside and raced off after the noise, as it sounded like an animal in severe pain or gravely injured. The moment they cleared their gate, they spotted the tiny puppy sitting in the middle of the road.

Tex most likely had been abandoned on the mostly-deserted road, and he was soaking wet from the recent thunderstorms. They scooped up the tiny puppy and brought him home. When they were unable to find anyone missing him, he became an official member of the family. The route where he was found has been the dumping place for dozens of dogs, many of whom met their deaths on the roadway.

Tex and Punkin may have had horrible beginnings to their lives, but they’re sure to have nothing but peaches from this point on. These two dogs had to deal with having been abandoned and losing their first families, but from now on, they’ll be treasured members of this family. The new pets take good care of Scout, and she certainly takes care of them, too. These three friends are sure to be friends to the end.

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