Bluebell Was Abandoned In A Bag As A Puppy. Thanks To Her New Mom, She’ll Never Have To Fear Again

October 25, 2017

Bluebell is a gorgeous chocolate-and-white-colored Springer Spaniel/Border Collie mix who lives with her devoted mother in Britain. Little Bluebell is so beloved by her owner that she has her very own Instagram account where you can gaze upon all of her precious photographs! With her fabulous freckles and brilliant mind, it’s not hard to see why she’s so adored. What is hard to see, though, is why the beginning of her life was so horrible.

Bluebell was born as the result of an accidental breeding, and the owner of her parents viewed her as only an inconvenience they never wanted to deal with. Bluebell’s mom was a purebred dog who got pregnant by another purebred, and so Bluebell was worthless to the breeder. She could not be sold for high dollars like the breeder expected of the puppies her dogs produced, so she decided on a horrifying course of action.

When Bluebell was old enough to be weaned, the breeder shoved her into a bag and tied it shut. Then, she left Bluebell to die along the side of the road, without a care about the horrifying death she was forcing on the young puppy. Bluebell would surely have died a slow, painful death if it had been up to the breeder.

Thankfully, a passing motorist spotted the wriggling bag on the side of the road and stopped to save her. They took her to Many Tears Animal Rescue who helped care for Bluebell until she was ready to find the perfect home of her own. A woman came by to look at the dogs for adoption, and from the moment she laid eyes on Bluebell’s speckled face she knew she had found her new family member.

Bluebell’s adoptive mother has worked with her to slowly teach her how to trust and love life. With her patient love, Bluebell has grown into an outgoing and playful dog who everyone just adores. Bluebell’s owner has put in the time and effort to help her sweet girl learn proper manners and a multitude of tricks too! Even though Bluebell had a horrible start to her life, we think it’s safe to say that, from here on out, it’s sure to be full of love and joy.

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