20 Years After Her Death, Princess Diana Is Finally Honored With a Holiday

January 19, 2017

Finally, twenty years after her passing, there will be an official holiday in honor of Princess Diana, and it will be to celebrate the very thing that made her so incredibly loved by us all. To mark the 20th anniversary of her passing, The Diana Award, a charity organization established in 1999, will celebrate her life's incredible work through a year-long series of events.

Among various exciting things this organization is doing, one of the most anticipated of all is finally happening. They have created a new holiday in March based solely off of sweet Diana's compassionate spirit: National Kindness Day.The main purpose of this holiday? To inspire people to do something for others. What better way of remembering this wonderful woman than with a day like this? 

Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, is also involved with a load of the planning for this magnificent event. He will arrange and host an elaborate exhibit at his home called "Walking in Her Shoes." In addition to this, he will also be planning a fundraising gala for The Diana Award Charity.

Both her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, will also be in attendance to many of the celebratory events, though it hasn't been confirmed which particular ones they will be at. In addition to these events, there will be a Diana Memorial Garden created at Kensington Palace, which will feature a gorgeous exhibition of Princess Diana's outfits to celebrate her iconic, timeless style. Click "NEXT PAGE" to read more of this story...

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