2-Legged Chihuahua Is Moments From Euthanization But One Woman Becomes Distraught And Yells Something The Stops Everything

December 18, 2017

For many soon-to-be-adoptive-pet-parents, the mystery of what their new pet will be like is one of the most influential reasons they adopt. Some characteristics don’t present themselves until after the adoption, whereas others are very apparent right from the start. The dog in this story was originally adopted with a very obvious irregularity. It’s not the conspicuous characteristic, however, that makes him special.

Meet Cody, a two-legged Chihuahua-mix, who was left at an animal shelter. After much consideration, the original family decided that they wouldn’t be able to give Cody the support that he’d undoubtedly need. Not knowing when or if he’d ever get adopted, they nonetheless decided to drop him off him at the shelter.

A situation that could have been entirely discouraging was immediately turned around when a young couple walked into the shelter just as the original owners were walking out. The couple took one look at Cody and said: “Don’t put that dog in a cage.” They knew that they had just found the missing piece of their family.

Without any hesitation, they brought Cody home. Cody took to his new family and home with sheer joy and zero hesitation. His owners must have a soft spot in their hearts for special dogs because they also have a three-legged dog and a blind senior dog.  Admittedly, the couple thought that Cody’s uniqueness was limited to his having only two legs. Little did they realize that this dog was so much more than meets the eye. They hadn’t seen him in action yet!

One day, Cody and his crew were out walking along a lakefront, when Cody came across a fallen tree. His mom watched and thought, “I wonder what he’s going to do since he’s only got two legs?” Cody looked over it, and under it, and for a moment appeared stumped. Not for very long, though, because in the next second, he literally bounced over it like a little kangaroo!

So you see, to Cody, there was nothing he couldn’t do! He may have had to do things slightly differently, but he never allowed his disability to discourage him entirely! His owners are so grateful for the chance to have adopted him - simply because they believe that Cody is inspiring them. While he is indeed overcoming several obstacles, he does them all with joy and confidence.

Cody, you are completely inspiring! Your life is a testimony to believing in yourself and fighting your battles with joy. And thank you to his rescuers who took a chance on a dog that would undoubtedly need special attention. Together, you are both blessed!