When 93 Year Old Young Woman Hits The Dance Floor, Audience is Stunned Because It Is Like She Never Left!

July 29, 2017

When you hone a skill for many many years, you often remember it for life. For example, many people who suffer from dementia are still able to play the piano with flawless precision. The same is true with other forms of art too.  Jean Phelps Veloz proves that no matter our age some things we never forget. At 93 years old, Jean, an iconic Hollywood legend of the Hollywood Lindy Hop Swing is still moving and grooving today. Jean acted in movies Swing Fever(1943) and Groovy Movie (1944) after winning many dance competitions. 


For all of her young adult life, Jean stayed active in the dance community and then she married her dance partner in 1963 and they continued taking the world of dance by storm. When Jean's husband passed away in 1981, she gave up dancing. That is until 1991 when she was approached about being involved in a documentary about swing dance. Jean began dancing again and hasn't stopped since. 


Jean appeared on Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey and was given the opportunity to dance with her 19-year-old self on stage! Jean is a sweet, but feisty "young" woman and you can sense the passion she has for dance in her every move. Watch her below in her performance at LindyFest 2017  While I won't have Jean's moves, I sure hope that I can be that spry when I'm even close to that age! 

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